The ODIVELAS BOX CUP 2018 is an International Olympic Boxing Tournament co-organized by PRIVILÉGIO BOXING CLUB and ODIVELAS CITY COUNCIL.

This competition was envisioned by PRIVILÉGIO BC coach BRUNO CARVALHO and became a reality in 2014, with the sole purpose of creating an opportunity for his athletes to compete on a higher level of competition, considering that there were no other national boxing events at that time capable of providing them with such a challenge. The basis of his project is to evolve and mature athletes, through new competitive challenges. Giving them the possibility to face several other opponents, with different boxing styles and strategies.
At the same time, this Project gave equal chances to develop to all other participating Portuguese Clubs and, thus, an inclusive Boxing Tournament was born aiming the promotion of all the national athletes.

ODIVELAS CITY COUNCIL has been always there since the beginning of the Project and supports it unconditionally, because it shares the same values, principles and objectives. It is PRIVILÉGIO BC´s ideal partner in this national sporting venture and has done everything for its success. This partnership has been very positive for all, especially for the people of Odivelas and surrounding areas, because they now have the chance to show their sporting skills in an international event that happens locally.

In its earlier editions the Tournament has been conducted with the ROUND-ROBIN system, providing continuous competition to all athletes during the weekend and determining the winners by the highest number of won bouts.
However, in the latest edition (2016), the organization decided to change the tournament configuration to an elimination system, quite common in boxing tournaments similar to the ODIVELAS BOX CUP, mainly due to the high number of athlete’s registrations. 35 clubs from 12 different countries, predominantly Europeans, were present and more than 90 male and female athletes of all ages participated.

This year will be the 5th edition of ODIVELAS BOX CUP and the organization is very enthusiastic about it. After the success and the sporting impact of the last edition, everyone is committed to improve and contribute the best way possible and this is going to be the result of the hard work that has been put into it. The team involved is confident that this year it will be the biggest International Olympic Boxing Tournament ever held in Portugal. They believe the foundations have been set, so that this tournament can be a permanent reality for the Portuguese boxing in the future.

The national attention, above all, but also the international one, has been continuously growing and our motivation is higher than ever.

Download here complete INVITATION to tournament participation.